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Frank, RDH

Frank, RDH

Frank Hygienist

Frank, RDH

“I love being able to take my patients’ oral health to the next level! I believe in not just cleaning teeth, but giving my patients the tools and education they need to make a positive impact on their health”

HCC Coleman College Health Sciences – AAS Dental Hygiene\

Role: Frank is our dental hygienist with a mission to provide exceptional care for patients to achieve optimal oral health. He understands that oral health has a direct correlation to bodily and systemic health, and therefore aims to identify and provide the care his patients need to not only keep their teeth and gums clean, but also promote a better holistic well-being.

Education: Frank received his AAS in dental hygiene from HCC Coleman College Health Sciences in Houston, Texas. He also took additional training to deliver anesthetic to deliver an expanded service to his patients. Frank is highly trained in not only cleaning around teeth, but navigating around dental implants to ensure their health and longevity.

Just for Fun: Frank has a passion for travelling the whole world. He has been to over 15 countries and is still looking to add on to the list! When travelling, he enjoys exploring new cultures and trying new foods. Here in Seattle, he partakes in all the outdoor activities that the great Pacific Northwest has to offer."

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