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Advanced Healing

Advanced Healing w/ PRF/PRP Treatments


Honoring our commitment to being a continuous leader in advanced dental technologies and techniques, our office provides the latest in surgical therapies such as stem cell & PRP treatments in Seattle. Your body is designed to heal itself. When you have surgery or suffer an injury, your immune system and inflammatory processes flood the area with the resources it needs to repair your tissues.

Today, it’s possible to capture those same natural elements and apply them directly to specific areas inside of your mouth.

Patient Benefits of Stem Cell, PRF, PRP Treatments

  • Faster healing
  • Pain Reduction
  • Higher success rates
  • Improved treatment results
  • Improved comfort after treatment

Using FDA-approved treatments, our experienced dentists incorporate your body’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), platelet-rich fibrin (PRF,) and growth factors like CGF, containing stem cells to heal your body naturally. The PRP and PRF are collected via a small blood draw prior to your procedure and then applied directly to the surgery site at the completion of your treatment. This strategy allows healing to start right away and maximizes your body’s ability to recover in a shorter timeframe.

Smiling Man with Healthy Teeth Gums from PRP

When Do We Use PRP or PRF?

Some of the most common cases where our Seattle dentists use CGF, PRP, and PRF treatments include dental implant placement, tooth extractions, and routine oral surgeries.

When applied at an extraction site, PRP reduces the risk of infection and helps prevent dry sockets. Because dry sockets are extremely painful and slow down the healing process, stem cell treatments help eliminate the added risk for a condition that affects approximately 1 in 10 wisdom tooth extractions. Using this holistic procedure improves the success of the completed treatment and drastically diminishes post-operative pain.

With dental implant therapy, PRP and PRF treatments allow for faster acceptance and osseointegration of the implant inside of your mouth. As new attachment between the bone and implant develops, the more secure your implant becomes. Instead of six months or more before permanent restoration of your new implant, recovery times can be cut by as much as one half of the normal waiting period!

How PRP Works

Your body’s own platelets are what’s responsible for clotting, which is necessary for the first stages of wound healing. When we separate PRP from the rest of your blood and inject it directly into an oral surgery site, regeneration starts almost immediately.

Your Holistic Dentist in Seattle

PRP, PRF, CGF, and stem cell therapies are just a few of the things that set our dynamic practice apart from other Seattle dentists. We’re a completely mercury-free dental office, providing no-drill and no-shot fillings and other minimally invasive therapies. Call today for a new patient appointment!

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